d Sagitta

The object was found in the following catalogues:
  1. The Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Ed. (Preliminary Version)

  2. SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog

  3. Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog

  4. The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog, 1996.0

  5. Combined General Catalogue of Variable Stars (Vol. I-III)

catalogues and names d Sge, del Sge, 7 Sge, HR 7536, HD 187076, SAO 105259, FK5: 743, WDS 19474+1832
constellation Sagitta

data from The Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Ed. (Preliminary Version) (Hoffleit+, 1991)

object is infrared source (NASA merged infrared catalogue, Schmitz et al., 1978)

position, motion, parallax:

position (J2000) RA: 19h 47min 23,3sec DEC: +18 32' 3''
position (J1900) RA: 19h 42min 55,7sec DEC: +18 17' 15''
proper motion (J2000) RA: 0,007 arcsec/a DEC: 0,008 arcsec/a
radial velocity 3 km/s
note: spectroscopic binaries
note: orbital data avaible
rotational velocity =<50 km/s (uncertain) (variable)
trigonometric parallax 0,001 arcsec


visual magnitude 3,82
(V on UBV Johnson system)

spectral / color information

spectral class M2II+A0V
B-V-magnitude 1,41
U-B-magnitude 0,96
R-I-magnitude 1,29

variability information

variable star identification Del Sge
note (category: variability): Amp. 0.09p.

double/multiple star system information

note (category: double and multiple data): Suspected visual double probably single image, composite spectrum. Secondary either B6 or A0V.
note (category: spectroscopic binaries): 3725d, K 7.5k/s, V0 +1.9k/s, asini 364, vsini of both components =<50k/s.

miscellaneous information

note (category: group membership): In reflection nebula; Gamma Cas-type nebula. Assoc. of Delta Sge with nebula probable but not certain; nebula could be HII region excited by O8f star, 9 Sge, HR 7574.

data from SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog (Myers+ 1997)

position, motion, parallax:

position (J2000) RA: 19h 47min 23,27sec DEC: +18 32' 3,34'' 0,06 arcsec source: 15
proper motion (J2000) RA: 0,0005 arcsec/a DEC: 0,008 arcsec/a source: 25
radial velocity 3 km/s source: 25
trigonometric parallax 0,001 - source: 25
galactic coord. (B1950) longitude: 55,77 latitude: -3,38
GCI unit vector (J2000) X: 0,428186 Y: -0,84594 Z: 0,317872


visual 3,82 (observed) source: 25
photovisual 3,8 source: 2

spectral information:

spectral class A0 source: 96
Morgan-Keenan M2II source: 25
B-magnitude 5,23 0,05 B-V-magnitude 1,41
U-magnitude 6,19 0,05 U-B-magnitude 0,96

variability information:

source of data: 27
variability type 170
var. amplitude 0

double/multiple star system information:

source of data: 19

component magnitude spectral class catalogue(s)/name(s)
A 3,75 +++
B 3,82 A0 d Sagitta, 7 Sge, HR 7536, HD 187076, SAO 105259


2 HD and HDE Catalogs
Cannon, A.J., and E.C. Pickering, Harvard Annals, Vols 91-99, 1918-24, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University; Cannon, A.J., Harvard Annals, Vol. 100, 1925-36, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University; and Cannon, A.J., and M. Walton Mayall, Harvard Annals, Vol. 112, 1949, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University
15 FK5, FK5 Extension and FK5 Supplement
Fricke, W., H. Schwan and T. Lederle, "Fifth Fundamental Catalogue (FK5), Part I. The Basic Fundamental Stars," Veroff. Astronomisches Recheninstitut, No. 32, Heidelberg, Germany, 1988, and Fricke, W., H. Schwan, and T.E. Corbin, "Fifth Fundamental Catalogue (FK5), Part II. The FK5 Extension," Veröff. Astronomisches Recheninstitut, No. 33, Heidelberg, Germany, 1991
19 WDS Catalog
Worley, C.E., and G.G. Douglass, Washington Catalog of Visual Double Stars 1996.0, United States Naval Observatory, 1996
25 Bright Star Catalogue, 5th edition
Hoffleit, D. and Warren, W.H. Jr., The Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Edition, Version 2, 1994
27 Catalog of Red Magnitudes (CRM)
Warren, W.H. Jr., Northern Hemisphere Catalog of Red Magnitudes, 1994
96 SAO or HD/HDE Catalog
Reference from Value 1 or Reference from Value 2

data from Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog (SAO Staff 1966; USNO, ADC 1990)

position and proper motion:

position (J1950) RA: 19h 45min 9,429sec DEC: +18 24' 34,69'' 0,004 arcsec
position (J2000) RA: 19h 47min 23,277sec DEC: +18 32' 3,41''
proper motion J1950 (FK4) RA: 0,0005 arcsec/a DEC: 0,01 arcsec/a 0,001 arcsec/a in RA
0,001 arcsec/a in DEC
proper motion J2000 (FK5) RA: 0,0006 arcsec/a DEC: 0,009 arcsec/a
source of proper motion data Determined by source catalog


visual 3,8 (accuracy: 2 decimals)
source of visual magnitude data Taken from the "Henry Draper Catalogue".

spectral information:

spectral class +++
source of spectral data Taken from the Henry Draper Catalogue or no spectrum in source catalog.


source catalogue FK4, catalogue number: 743
Durchmusterung BD+18 4240
Boss General Catalogue 27391
Henry Draper Catalogue 187076
The "SAO Catalog" entry refers to two consecutive HD numbers, the lower of which is given.

data from The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog, 1996.0 (Worley+, 1996)

position and proper motion:

position (J2000) RA: 19h 47,4min DEC: +18 32'
proper motion (J2000) RA: 0,007 arcsec/a DEC: 0,008 arcsec/a

double/multiple star system information:

component year number of measures position angle angular separation magnitude of 1st component magnitude of 2nd component spectral class(es) discoverer code
- 1975 12 '' 3,82 - M2II+A0V BLA

discoverer information:

discoverer code discoverer reference
BLA Blazit, A. et al


note Delta Sge, a variable. P = 9.7yr., a = 0.05", motion retrograde.

data from Combined General Catalogue of Variable Stars (Vol. I-III) (Kholopov+ 1998)


position (J1950) RA: 19h 45min 9,4sec DEC: +18 24' 35''

variability informations:

variability type LB: pulsating variable star
magnitute at max. brightness 3,75
magnitute at min. brightness 3,83
photometric system visual, photovisual or Johnson's V

spectral information

spectral class M2.5II-III+B9V


to a study Vol. I GCVS (see Kholopov et al. 1985-1988)
to a chart/photograph no chart is avaible, but the star is contained in the 'Bonner Durchmusterung'


ID in the GCVS catalogue 71/9004
constellation Sculptor
notes on existence The star is equivalent to '0720001 R'.
There are notes in published catalog.

variability type description

variability type description
LB Slow irregular variables. The light variations of these stars show no evidence of periodicity, or any periodicity present is very poorly defined and appears only occasionally. Like for the type I, stars are often attributed to this type because of being insufficiently studied.
Many type L variables are really semiregulars or belong to other types.

Slow irregular variables of late spectral types (K, M, C, S); as a rule, they are giants (CO Cyg). This type is also ascribed, in the GCVS, to slow red irregular variables in the case of unknown spectral types and luminosities.

Irregular variable supergiants of late spectral types having amplitudes of about 1 mag in V (TZ Cas).