The object was found in the following catalogues:
  1. The Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Ed. (Preliminary Version)

  2. SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog

  3. Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog

  4. Combined General Catalogue of Variable Stars (suspected variables)

catalogues and names Alcor, NSV 06238, 80 UMa, HR 5062, HD 116842, SAO 28751
other names Saidak
constellation Ursa Major

data from The Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Ed. (Preliminary Version) (Hoffleit+, 1991)

note (category: star names): ALCOR; Saidak.

position, motion, parallax:

position (J2000) RA: 13h 25min 13,5sec DEC: +54 59' 17''
position (J1900) RA: 13h 21min 13,1sec DEC: +55 30' 32''
proper motion (J2000) RA: 0,118 arcsec/a DEC: -0,016 arcsec/a
radial velocity -9 km/s
note: spectroscopic binaries
rotational velocity 218 km/s (uncertain) (variable)
trigonometric parallax 0,045 arcsec


visual magnitude 4,01
(V on UBV Johnson system)

spectral / color information

spectral class A5V
B-V-magnitude 0,16
U-B-magnitude 0,08
R-I-magnitude 0,07

variability information

variable star identification 6238
note (category: variability): Delta Sct.

double/multiple star system information

note (category: double and multiple data): CPM with HR 5054-5.

miscellaneous information

note (category: group membership): "Dipper Stars;" Sirius group; UMa stream; UMa moving cluster.

data from SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog (Myers+ 1997)

position, motion, parallax:

position (J2000) RA: 13h 25min 13,541sec DEC: +54 59' 16,56'' 0,35 arcsec source: 17
proper motion (J2000) RA: 0,0139 arcsec/a DEC: -0,023 arcsec/a source: 25
radial velocity -9 km/s source: 25
trigonometric parallax 0,045 0,004 arcsec source: 25
galactic coord. (B1950) longitude: 112,76 latitude: 61,47
GCI unit vector (J2000) X: -0,534533 Y: -0,208475 Z: 0,819031


visual 4,01 (observed) source: 25
photovisual 4 source: 2
photographic 4,2 source: 16

spectral information:

spectral class A5 source: 96
Morgan-Keenan A5V source: 25
B-magnitude 4,17 0,05 B-V-magnitude 0,16
U-magnitude 4,25 0,05 U-B-magnitude 0,08


2 HD and HDE Catalogs
Cannon, A.J., and E.C. Pickering, Harvard Annals, Vols 91-99, 1918-24, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University; Cannon, A.J., Harvard Annals, Vol. 100, 1925-36, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University; and Cannon, A.J., and M. Walton Mayall, Harvard Annals, Vol. 112, 1949, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University
16 PPM North and PPM South Catalogs and PPM Supplement
Roser, S., and U. Bastian, "Catalogue of Positions and Proper Motions," A&AS, Vol. 74, p. 449, 1988, and Bastian, U., et al., "Catalogue of Positions and Proper Motions - South," 1993
Corbin, T.E., and S.E. Urban, Astrographic Catalog Reference Stars, United States Naval Observatory, 1991
25 Bright Star Catalogue, 5th edition
Hoffleit, D. and Warren, W.H. Jr., The Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Edition, Version 2, 1994
96 SAO or HD/HDE Catalog
Reference from Value 1 or Reference from Value 2

data from Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog (SAO Staff 1966; USNO, ADC 1990)

position and proper motion:

position (J1950) RA: 13h 23min 13,477sec DEC: +55 14' 52,99'' 0,012 arcsec
position (J2000) RA: 13h 25min 13,498sec DEC: +54 59' 17,15''
proper motion J1950 (FK4) RA: 0,0134 arcsec/a DEC: -0,021 arcsec/a 0,002 arcsec/a in RA
0,002 arcsec/a in DEC
proper motion J2000 (FK5) RA: 0,0138 arcsec/a DEC: -0,016 arcsec/a
source of proper motion data Determined by source catalog


visual 4 (accuracy: 2 decimals)
source of visual magnitude data Taken from Harvard or San Luis photometry.

spectral information:

spectral class A5
source of spectral data Taken from the Henry Draper Catalogue or no spectrum in source catalog.


source catalogue GC, catalogue number: 18155
Durchmusterung BD+55 1603
Boss General Catalogue 18155
Henry Draper Catalogue 116842

data from Combined General Catalogue of Variable Stars (suspected variables) (Kholopov+ 1998)


position (J1950) RA: 13h 23min 13,1sec DEC: +55 14' 53''

variability informations:

magnitute at max. brightness 3,95
magnitute at min. brightness 4,03
photometric system visual, photovisual or Johnson's V

spectral information

spectral class A5


to a study 142468D (designation: ALCOR)


There are notes in the published catalog (Kukarkin et al.(1982)).